Posted by: bluecarputer | October 18, 2010

Carputer 2.0

It’s been 2 years since the initial install, and the remote on my Lilliput finally broke.  It will take a week for a replacement remote to arrive, so there’s no better time to plan some upgrades for the Carputer.  After driving around for 2 years with the same setup, here’s a list of things I’d like to improve:

1) Universal Connector: There is a large mess of wires coming from the back of the carputer, going in all sorts of directions – to the amp, to the power/ground block, and around both sides to the front of the car.  It’s quite messy and makes removing the carputer an adventure.  If I can somehow bundle all the loose wire connections (Power Switch, Power LED, Remote, Power, Ground, Ignition, etc.) into one larger connector, it would make everything much cleaner.

2) Steering Wheel Controls: A leftover on the to-do list from the original plan.  I wanted to use a Fusion Brain for this application, but the JoyCon EX seems to be sufficient, plus it also controls switching between the rear-view camera, which brings us to the next item on the list…

3) Automatic Reverse Camera switching: The reason I used the Lilliput remote enough to break it: The reverse camera is hooked up directly to the Lilliput’s RCA-In, and it does not automatically switch between the PC and RCA inputs.  I set the RCA input as the default source when starting the car, since that’s the most common time for me to be backing up.  That means the screen needs to be manually switched from the RCA to the VGA input via remote.  Ideally the computer would automatically switch to the reverse camera and I would also be able to control the touchscreen while in the backup screen.  To do this I’ll need a RCA-in on my carputer, or find a new backup camera with a USB interface.

4) HDMI: Running a 15 foot VGA cable along the side of the car with all the speaker wire causes a lot of interference, even though the cable is shielded.  There is a constant flickering on the touchscreen, although it isn’t very noticeable in practical use since I’m glancing at the screen for just a second or two at a time while driving.  However, this will require a new motherboard and monitor… a pricey upgrade.

That’s all for now, though I’m sure there will be more along the way.


  1. Hey man, just went trough your blog. Very nice info!

    For you BackupCamera, you can leave the RCA input automatic in your lilliput and instead of switching with your remote simply connect the POWER (12v) to the Reverse light in the trunk.

    That way, when the power will go in the CAM with the reverse light it will switch the liliput to the CAMERA: MAGIC :P

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